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A square masculine lower face is not a desirable trait for many women. Fortunately, a simple non-surgical treatment option is available.

A square jaw caused by having a bulky muscle mass (masseter muscle) over the angle of the jaw is not often a desired trait by many females. It is particularly common in people of Asian descent. It can be a genetic trait or it can be due to bruxism (a condition characterized by teeth grinding, especially at night during sleep).

The most popular treatment to correct this is non-surgical. This involves the use of muscle relaxant injected into the muscle mass. This results in a thinning of the muscle and a reduction in the squareness of the jaw, creating a gentler slimmer lower face.

It typically involves at least 25 units of product to each side. There is no downtime and the only inconvenience in some patients is a slight discomfort in chewing hard foods such as steak for several weeks.

It starts to work in 1 week but becomes more noticeable after 4 to 6 weeks, lasting up to 6 months. Over several treatments you typically achieve longer lasting results.

Treating the jaw muscles is also a very useful treatment for individuals who grind there teeth whilst asleep, a condition called bruxism. This is often a condition diagnosed by your dentist as it tends to cause significant wear and tear damage to your teeth and often jaw joint (TMJ) pain. Treating the masseter muscles with muscle relaxing injections is an excellent treatment for this condition.

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