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At Bella Plastic Surgery, we offer a range of non-surgical skin and body treatments that will enhance your beauty, increase your confidence and quite frankly, turn heads!

Why a Non-Surgical Lower Facelift?

As we age, our perioral region (mouth area), can be one of the most visible signs of aging. In addition, we may develop loose jawline skin, known as our jowls. These signs of aging can lead individuals to choose a traditional surgical facelift, which results in an extended ‘downtime’ and associated permanent scarring.

At Bella Plastic Surgery we offer an alternative option that is safe, non-intrusive and that delivers amazing results!

Our unique Filler ‘sculpturing’ treatment for the lower face will soften lines around your mouth, conceal your lower jowls, strength your lower jawline and provide a much more youthful appearance.

Amazing? Yes, it is!

What is a Non-Surgical Lower Facelift?

Our non-surgical facelift treatment involves the precise placement of high-quality Filler into specific lower facial areas. We assess your facial characteristics and take a ‘holistic’ approach to ensure the best aesthetic outcomes.

Our advanced Filler techniques will soften fine lines and poor skin texture issues around the mouth, ‘hide’ unwanted jowls, and provide a well-structured and contoured lower face region – all of which will make you look younger and feel great!

About Filler Injections

Injectable Filler is made of hyaluronic acid which is comprised of complex sugar molecules which are naturally-occurring within your body, which bind with water to support your skin and increase volume.

Filler is injected into the skin at different depths to provide facial volume and augment facial features, thus restoring a smoother, more youthful appearance.

When can I expect the results from my Non-Surgical Lower Facelift?

Results are immediate! You can expect to see the lines around the mouth significantly reduced and your jowls less visible. You will also notice a strengthened and more ‘structured’ jawline – all of which will look completely natural.

Are there any side effects?

At Bella Plastic Surgery, we use state-of-the art quality products that have been proven over several decades to be extremely safe and effective in providing a volumising effect. There are no reported long-term side effects. However, occasionally there can be some minor short-term side-effects including localised bruising and some redness and swelling. However, these are temporary and will dissipate fairly quickly.

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