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Our under-eyes are a very prominent feature of our facial characteristics and many people are unhappy with the tired and aged appearance of their under-eyes.

The good news is that Bella Plastic Surgery has developed a unique under-eye Filler technique that treats the entire under-eye area using a high quality, semi-permanent Filler.

Our under-eye Filler is injected into the area underneath the eyes which adds volume by filling in hollows, reduces wrinkles and enhances the under-eyes to look younger and fresher.

Our unique under-eye treatment is far more than simply treating the ‘tear troughs’ – it involves treating the whole under-eye region to restore a youthful and fresh-looking you!’

Does under-eye filler injections hurt?

At Bella Plastic Surgery we use quick-acting topical anaesthetic to numb the area prior to treatment and this allows for a comfortable injectable treatment for our patients.

What Filler is used?

We use the highest quality semi-permanent Fillers to achieve long-lasting results. Filler is the common terminology for a group of products that are made to be injected in facial areas to increase volume. There are many types of Fillers available but the most popular and effective Fillers are based on hyaluronic acid. Filler is comprised of complex sugar molecules which are naturally-occurring within your body, and which bind with water to support your skin and increase volume.

Minimising potential risks

Filler treatments have been performed safely for many years. However, like all facial and body augmenting procedures, there are potential risks involved. Mitigating risk is a key aspect of Filler treatment and this is achieved through advanced and ongoing internal and external training of our professional team of practitioners.

What is the recovery time?

This treatment may cause some bruising and swelling in the under-eye area which can persist for up to a week following treatment. You will be provided with an After-Care Treatment Plan that will assist in the recovery process.

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