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What is the Soprano Titanium?

The Soprano Titanium is the only clinically proven method of laser hair removal that is virtually painless and the safest laser hair removal method for all skin types, including dark and tanned skin.

How is the Soprano Titanium different to traditional laser hair removal?

Traditional laser hair removal machines typically use only one wavelength of light to target the pigment in the hair follicle (typically 755nm, 808nm or 1064nm). The Soprano Titanium device combines all three of these laser wavelengths into one single applicator, resulting in damage to the three different depths of the hair follicle simultaneously, and delaying regrowth without causing any injury to the surrounding tissue. Because of this, it can be used on all people, no matter their skin type or hair colour.

  • The Alexandrite 755nm– This wavelength is used to target a wide range of hair colours and types, including thin hair and hair that is light in colour and can even address embedded hair.
  • The SPEED 810nm– This wavelength is used for darker skin types and targets the deep hair follicle. It has a moderate tissue penetration depth to treat areas like the arms, legs, cheeks, and chin.
  • YAG 1064– The YAG 1064 is the most penetrative wavelength  and is ideal for treating embedded hairs, like those that can occur in the armpits and pubic area and targets the deepest parts of the follicle for the most effective laser hair removal treatment possible.

By combining the absorption and penetration levels of different wavelengths, along with extended treatment coverage, increased comfort and low maintenance requirements, Soprano Titanium is the safest and most efficient hair removal treatment available today.

Can I have hair removal with the Soprano Titanium if I regularly suntan or use fake tan?

Previously, traditional laser hair removal treatment required limited exposure to the sun, meaning those who regularly sun tanned or used fake tan could not undergo treatment. The amazing thing about the Soprano Titanium is that it can be performed at any time of the year and will not be impacted by sun exposure or regularly sun tanned or fake tanned skin. The Soprano Titanium is the only FDA approved laser on the market that can be used on ALL skin types, including tanned skin.

Can the Soprano Titanium be used on all skin types?

The Soprano Titanium can be used on all skin types, including all Fitzpatrick skin types ranging from one through to six. This is particularly great for people with darker skin who often find it difficult to find a suitable hair removal treatment option.

How long does the treatment take and does it hurt?

The hair removal procedure itself is very simple and straightforward. You will lie on a treatment bed and make yourself comfortable. As a safety measure, you will be asked to wear some protective eyewear, which the Nurse will also wear.

A thin layer of clear gel is applied to the area so that the laser is able to slide over the area with no friction. Our nurse will then run the laser handpiece over the area in a sweeping motion, always keeping contact with the skin. The handpiece delivers small bursts of energy to gently heat the hair follicles to cause the targeted damage. You will feel the area warm slightly over the course of the treatment, but at the same time the patented DualChill treatment tip on the handpiece keeps your skin cool and comfortable. The Soprano Titanium Laser hair removal may become mildly uncomfortable in sensitive or intimate areas.

Depending on which part of your body is being treated, the skin may go slightly red. Treatment times vary depending on the person and the area being treated. It can be as quick as ten minutes! The Soprano Titanium also has an incredible Quattro handpiece. This is the largest applicator head compared with other devices on the market, meaning the time it takes to treat a patient is reduced by up to 40%.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Laser hair removal is an effective treatment when administered by a trained and qualified professional. At Bella Plastic Surgery, all our Registered Nurses have been specially trained in the safe use of the Alma Soprano Titanium to ensure no unwarranted side effects occur post-treatment.

Is there any downtime for this treatment? 

There is no downtime for this treatment.

What results can I expect with Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal?

You can expect to see at least an 80% reduction in unwanted hair, and several treatments are required. All bodies have hair, and our hairs grow in stages. Hair is never all growing at the same stage, and lasers are most effective at targeting the hairs in the first stage of the hair growth process. No laser can destroy all the hair follicles at one time. Some follicles are completely destroyed, while others are reduced to fine hairs or shocked into prolonged dormancy. Therefore, multiple treatments are necessary to ensure all the hairs are targeted when in their early stage.

How many sessions will I need? 

We usually recommend a course of 6 – 8 treatment sessions to permanently reduce hair growth. This is because some of the follicles in the treatment area won’t be in the targeted growth phase at any given time. We must space the treatments out to make sure that hair that may not have been as effectively treated in one session is affected in the next. Facial hair tends to be more stubborn and may need 10 – 12 treatment sessions.

How long between sessions?

The gap between sessions is usually 4 – 6 weeks for facial areas and 6 – 8 weeks for areas on the body. The number of hair removal sessions depends on various factors, including where the hair is, how thick it is and skin type and hair colour. For the best results, we recommend that you complete the full course of treatment sessions.

How do I remove unwanted hair in between treatments?

Before and in between the treatments, we recommend shaving. You must NOT wax or pluck hairs between treatments as these methods of hair removal will remove the hairs at their root level, causing the active hairs not to be present for the laser to act on them, making the treatment ineffective.

How do I prepare my skin for the treatment?

The area to be treated must be shaved between 12-14 hours prior. The skin must be clean from moisturisers, perfumes, deodorants and make up.

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