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Open Book Tummy Tuck™

An Open Book Tummy Tuck™ (OBTT) is a custom surgical technique that Dr Dona has developed and is the ultimate evolution of body contouring surgery. Applied to the right patient, it can provide the very best and most advanced form of contouring that other tummy tuck techniques simply can’t achieve.

It is almost exclusively applied to those individuals who have undergone massive weight loss and suffer from extreme skin excess.

Procedure Videos - Open Book Tummy Tuck by Dr. Dona

What is a Tummy Tuck?

Before we discuss the OBTT any further, we need to understand what a Tummy Tuck (otherwise known as an “abdominoplasty”) truly means. To do so, one needs to understand the true meaning of the word reconstruction. The reason why this is important is to remove the widely held, albeit false, view by many that a tummy tuck is a purely cosmetic procedure. The definition of the word reconstruction is – to restore to a state (or create a state) that is normal for that person’s age, race, and gender.

We can further analyse this when we dissect the meaning of the word “normal”. With reference to the human form, normal is defined as something which is functional (or acceptable) to that individual. The spectrum of normal is extremely wide and as such, what is normal for one person may be abnormal if applied to another person.

What does a Tummy Tuck fix?

When we review the abdominal wall, most would agree that a normal (or perhaps better described as undamaged) abdominal wall should contain:

  • Good skin quality with no scars – whether that be stretch marks (which are in fact scars), surgical or traumatic scars.
  • Good muscle alignment and tone – this ensures functionally sound core biomechanics and strength with a stable lower back and maximal bowel/bladder control.
  • No skin excess and overhang with its associated functional and hygiene issues.
  • Good pubic/mons position without droop and fullness and its potential functional problems.

With this basic understanding, all forms of tummy tucks are designed to address any problems with these areas – to restore to a state that is normal for that individual – and is hence by definition reconstructive surgery.

In other words, a tummy tuck is without question not a cosmetic procedure. Just because an operation makes something look better people will immediately label it cosmetic, however the primary purpose of an abdominoplasty is to reconstruct, and as a secondary bonus it will look better.

Different types of Tummy Tucks

The term Tummy Tuck is really a simple term that encompasses any operation that reconstructs the abdominal wall. This is because the degree of problems one has will dictate the type of abdominoplasty that is necessary.

The different names applied to the different tummy tucks typically relates to the surgical scars created. Common names include:

Many variations exist within each type and the above is a very simplistic breakdown.

What is the Open Book Tummy Tuck?

Whilst these above tummy tuck options will be an ideal choice for most patients, with the ever-increasing number of people transforming their lives with life altering massive weight loss, better options were necessary to transform and reconstruct the bodies.

As such, the Open Book Tummy Tuck™ was an operation born out of necessity. Dr Dona developed this technique and coined the term “Open Book” based on how the abdominal wall appears halfway through the operation – the skin and fatty layers are opened like a book before being closed into its new form.

As is explained by Dr Dona, “when someone loses a massive amount of weight, they become, fitter, healthier and smaller – unfortunately the skin has a limited amount of elasticity and is unable to shrink-wrap around the smaller body.

Dr Dona goes on to explain, “if you consider the skin to represent an old dress, then effectively you become a much smaller bodied individual walking around with a dress that is way too big for your body. My job is to make that dress fit your body.

The Open Book Tummy Tuck was developed to provide maximal contour improvement of the body with the skin tailored to precisely fit and showcase the smaller, fitter, healthier body hidden beneath.

Of course, other areas of the body are also reconstructed as required, especially the abdominal wall muscles which usually require significant tightening. Furthermore, the OBTT is often combined with other contouring procedures such as Breast Reductions & Lifts, Total Body Lifts and/or Bra Lipectomies.

Applied to the correct patient, an Open Book Tummy Tuck™ is the gold standard in body contouring surgery after massive weight loss.

OPEN BOOK TUMMY TUCK™ – are you ready to write the next chapter of your life?

You’ve already decided to change your life for the better – get healthier, fitter, and lose all that excess weight. Your amazing transformation is something you should be extremely proud of. Unfortunately, excess skin is often a major problem after massive weight loss and is a constant reminder of your former larger self. It often feels like you’re walking around wearing a dress (or suit) that’s just way too big for your smaller body. An OPEN BOK TUMMY TUCK may be just what your body (and mind) needs.

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